Today I found something from the store room back at my old place. Decided to take it with me since it was nicely kept in its original box… meaning Dad probably cherished it quite a bit.


I saw that it’s a collector’s train set with an alarm clock function. Flipped the base over and saw that there were batteries inside and expectedly, they had leaked. While removing the batteries and cleaning up… a scenario of Dad once showing me how the trains actually move from side to side when the alarm rings or something… flashed through my mind! I know it is at least a decade or two ago. So well… This set isn’t so new to me afterall?


Also placed the little businessman figurine by the station… The black sticker patch to help the man stand still works!


The train piece is rather heavy duty. I examined closely and must say that the details are really intricate.


This would be a nice set for display. I will try another time to see if the alarm clock still works. Also took with me some bus models and will share them in another entry.

Have you also toys and figurines passed down from the previous generation?


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