A forgotten series uncovered from a little black box of mine. I think these figurines were from some chocolate or candy series but cannot remember what. They must have been from more than ten years ago. I am glad kept all of the ones I have (there are more characters in total but I didn’t own them) otherwise there would be a nagging feeling…


Noddy (main character in the red top) was originally created by Enid Blyton I think! I have never really paid attention to ‘Noddy in Toyland’ when my younger brother watched it, but, with the corner of my eye, I captured usual suspects – Noddy, the bumpy dog etc.. In my mind. Helps that children like to watch shows repeatedly.. I even remember the theme song of the cartoon!


Yes of course, they are tiny. I guess my liking for small toys started really early. This black box I mentioned at the start of this entry, was the only box of items I managed to recover when I shifted from my first house. I didn’t really have much control on what could take with me (could perhaps share old stories another time), but I’m glad I took something at least. Everytime I take out toys I ‘saved’… I start getting really nostalgic. Hopefully, I have someone to pass these to when I’m old.


Mr. Plod (the toy town policeman)’s eyes look a little uneven! But, other than that… The quality of everything’s quite decent for the inexpensive price. Bumpy Dog’s body is textured too.

I will share the other items in my black box soon again!


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