Grandpa told me that my Dad and Aunt used to play with these dolls when they were young. Kewpie has always had a special place in my heart since then. When I saw this in a toy shop in Japan, I couldn’t stop myself from getting one!


You might wonder what appeal there is in a naked plastic doll. Well I’d say, it’s really a childhood thing for me. The Japanese version of Kewpie is most definitely very rare too. I read that the original ones were from Germany close to a century ago!! But, the original ones look a little sinister somehow. This Japanese version is so cute!

Anyway, I haven’t seen one selling casually in any of the toy stores here in Singapore. I think I would grab any if I do… Just like the case of the Kewpie solar bobblehead (see related post).


Movable limbs!


Recently, I stumbled across these little ones in a $2 Japanese store inside of Liang Court! I don’t really think anyone else in the store got as excited as me. I’m not sure if they are authentic, but, it’s from a Japanese store and the color and print looks good. I wouldn’t really be losing out much since it’s only $2.


Babies of the baby at only 2 inches tall.


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