I started collecting miniature food toys since 2006, and haven’t looked back since! All I can say is… I am really in need of display shelvings!

I have so many of them, I don’t know how to start (to show you!) The main makers of these miniatures are Re-ment, and Megahouse (they’ve already discontinued these miniatures) from Japan. Of late, there are some coming from Hong Kong / China, but I feel that the quality isn’t as good. But even so, I still bought some for keepsake during my travels (they are much cheaper), and I’lll share them with you soon enough. There’s another kind of miniature made from clay, but I still prefer these plastic ones because they look more realistic.

If you are new to these, check out Re-ment’s website –

Another popular brand from Hong Kong, MIMO –

Remember to share your thoughts! And here’s one random one to reward you for reading!

Re-ment Puchi Petite Collections –
Bread & Butter #6 : Lovely Danish

The apple pie in the box isn’t part of this set! It’s from another collection, but I thought it really helped complete the picture!

How not to squeal in delight when the size of a danish is that of a third of your finger?


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